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An impersonal Creator?

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

If the Big Bang description of the Universe is true, then the next questions would be “how” and “who”. The answer to the question of “how” the Universe begins suggests that the Universe comes from nothing. It is the same position that the Bible has been holding for more than a thousand years as we discussed previously.

Instead of trying to identify “who” the Creator is, we would consider a closely related question:

Is the Creator of the Universe personal or impersonal?

An impersonal Creator is a creator who has no personality. He is powerful enough to create the Universe. Yet he cannot or would not interferes in the Universe or answer prayers. This is the kind of “God” that Einstein “believe” in.

Let us make our discussion even more specific. Does the Big Bang description give us any suggestions on whether the Creator can make “decision” on His own? I suppose we can agree that the ability to make “decision” is an indication of personality.

If the Creator cannot make decisions, then He would be just a set of supreme high-level principles, or a set of physical laws that govern and create the Universe. In this case, the Creator is impersonal. However, that cannot be the case if we accept the Big Bang description of the Universe.

Take the example of the physical law that says, “Water cooled to below its freezing point, which is zero degree Celsius, will freeze”. This is an impersonal physical law that water follows. Anytime we cool water to below zero-degree, water freezes. There is no decision to be made by the physical law.

Now if the Creator is just a set of supreme physical laws, then the Universe should have begun with the Creator. Just like the physical law that says water freezes whenever the temperature drops below zero-degree, the Universe should have “started” anytime the Creator “started”. The Creator is outside of the Universe and not limited by time, as time itself sprang from the Big Bang. Therefore, the Universe should have no beginning, or it “started” from eternity just like the Creator.

However, the Universe does has a beginning. Therefore, the Creator cannot be just a set of physical laws. In other words, the Creator has to “pick a beginning" for the Universe. The act of “picking a beginning" for the Universe implies that the Creator is personal.

No, the Creator is not impersonal. The Creator is personal.

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