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Beautiful Nature! Atoms say?

Updated: 4 days ago

There are other kinds of emotions on top of “morality” that we humans have, and that can hardly be explained by materialism.

Where do we go during our precious vacations? We may stay home just to take a rest from our busy works. We may visit friends and family around. There are also lots of people who like to visit national parts to look at the beautiful sceneries from nature. The Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Glacier National Park, to name just a few.

How do we feel when we look at the Grand Canyon or the Niagara Fall? When I visited these places, I had a sense of awe for nature. I could not stop feeling how tiny we humans were, and how amazing mother nature was. There is one thing for sure: I did not think about how to help our ancestors make more babies in those trips!

Recall that our friends who hold materialism dearly tell us that morality is there to help the human species survive better. I cannot see how to relate our awe for nature to human survival. Materialism says that there is nothing in the Universe except matter. We humans are product of blind evolution of matters. If that is true, how do we get the sense of awe for nature?

Sometimes I wonder if animals also have the sense of awe to nature. When an eagle flies over the Grand Canyon, will it be attracted by the marvelous scenery, or is it just busy searching for food around the Canyon? Humans do have the admiration for nature. Some people may admire nature more than the others, but human as a whole indeed admires nature. The tourist industry is a happy witness of this undeniable fact.

We human admires nature and have a sense of awe for nature. It can hardly be explained by materialism that says we were born from accidents of blind physical processes. Can it be the personal Creator who gives us this sense of awe to His creation? I think it sounds more reasonable. Does it?

I am looking forward to seeing the Northern Light in my next vacation. I totally want happiness and survival to our human species, but this is definitely not my reason to see the Northern Light. I want to see it because it is a wonder of Nature. My admiration to Nature is a desire deep down in my heart that cannot be explained by materialism.

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