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What is the value of life?

Updated: Mar 3

Humanity, both its existence and its characteristics, cannot be explained by just atoms and blind physical processes. On the other hand, Creationism as described in the Bible provides straight forward answers to questions that materialism cannot explain satisfactory.

Obviously, there are questions to be addressed if we are to take biblical Creationism as the perspective towards our own existence. Before we discuss those questions, allow me to explain why I think materialism is not only unsatisfactory in explaining humanity, but also hurting to humanity. It is intimately tied to the following question:

What is the value of human life?

Materialism says there is nothing but matter, and everything arises from accidental blind physical processes. That has to include human life. How does human life come about? Atoms, formed somehow somewhere, smashed into each other, undergo some processes, over a very long period of time, then here a human life come! I think it takes great faith to accept it. Assuming that it is really how human life come about. Does it have any intrinsic values? Would the value come from the huge number of accidents that made life possible? For sure the long strings of accidents necessary for life to come is mind-blowing. However, it is equally mind-blowing for all life, including animals and even plants. The conclusion has to be:

Human life is no more valuable than animal and plant life, from the materialists’ perspective.

I heard a movie character says that human is more valuable than animals because human evolve “more”. Many clarifications are needed to define “more”. Whatever it means, the “more” evolution of human is only an accident, not an achievement. Perhaps one may say that human is smarter than animals, so they survive better and get better chance to evolve more. However, human is smarter only because of accidents. It is the one and only reason a materialist can offer.

Why does it hurt humanity if human life is no more valuable than animal life?

Then there is no intrinsic value for human, not to mention dignity for human life. Everyone can live just like animals. People can live to serve only himself or herself. Anything can be done as long as one satisfies oneself. The other life has nothing to deserve your respect as long as it is not your own life. That other life, after all, is only an accident.

Morality has no basis for humanity. Why? Do dogs, fish, or wild animals respect morality? If not, why we human need it? Remember we are just like animals if materialism is true.

No. No one wants a world like that. Our life must have intrinsic value of its own.

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