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Mid-way Summary

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Friends, allow me to give a quick summary of what we have been discussing in this blog since the first post written in February of this year.

My first post “Why this blog” lays out the overall plan for this blog. There will be three major sections. The first section starts at my third post “Upbringing” all the way to “Believe”. It is about my search of the creator when I was a teen.

The second section starts from “Realities and Physics”. There I would share with you what I consider to be good arguments for believing in the unseen God of the Bible today when I am not a teen anymore. This section is in progress.

I believe I will carry the Christian faith to the end of my life. Why? How do I know what I will do in the future? That will be the discussion for the third major section of this blog.

As mentioned above, I am writing posts for the second section. It starts with discussion on “Realities” and “Truth”. The discussion is necessary as there can be no basis for discussing any reasons to support our faith if we have doubts on the existence of truth and realities.

After introducing “Cosmological Argument”, I discussed “Big Bang” in three consecutive posts. The common characteristics between this cosmological idea and creation as described in the Bible are remarkable. Are these just coincidence? It will be up to my readers to decide.

My latest post is on “Mathematical truths”. If we agree that these truths have existence of their own, then I think they can only come from the intelligent mind of our Creator.

Why do I have to make this summary even though I have not finished my second major section out of three? I think it is good to make a quick summary in the middle of my major sections so that my dear readers would not get lost.

Another reason for this summary is that I am planning to write a few upcoming posts from a slightly different perspective. Instead of discussing the reasons to actively support my faith, I want to ask:

What if there is no God in the Universe? How do we understand the world around us?

Materialism is the word that comes to my head. What is materialism? The Oxford Dictionary app on my iPhone says it is:

The theory or belief that nothing exists except matter and its movements and modifications.

I think it may be the most common belief that people hold on to life, whether consciously or unconsciously.

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